Welcome to the Schwalenberg Genealogy web site.  Here I've summarized all the information about Schwalenberg genealogy I've been able to accumulate, including information about the town, the castle, the Grafen (Counts) and other information about Schwalenbergs and related families around the world.

See the USA page for a list of US states where Schwalenbergs have lived or are living.

Groß Lafferde, Germany -> Manhattan, NY
My great-great-grandfather Johann Heinrich Schwalenberg was born in 1833 in Groß Lafferde, in what was then the Kingdom of Hanover. He emigrated to the Lower East Side of New York City in 1856.  Two other Schwalenbergs, William and Charles, were already there, but soon moved to Queens.  I suspect that William and Charles were brothers, and Johann Heinrich was a brother or cousin, but I haven't found evidence to prove this yet.  See the Manhattan page for more about the "New York Schwalenbergs", the main focus of my research.

Sögeln, Germany -> Plymouth, Massachusetts -> Wisconsin
There is another group of Schwalenbergs who appear to have emigrated from Sögeln (a village northeast of, and since 1972 part of, Bramsche) to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the early 1840s, where they worked in the rope factories.  (See Morison's The Ropemakers for more information about this time.)  In about 1850, they went West to Wisconsin to become farmers.  The biggest online resource for this group is Scott Lamers' home page.

Other US States
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